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Morris the Foreman
Morris the Foreman

No, it is not necessary to set up an appointment.  If your vehicle is still driveable, you are welcome to bring it to our shop at your convenience. 

No, estimates are free.

If the damage is not too extensive or on a custom vehicle, the average time to write the estimate would be approximately 20 or so minutes. 

It is not necessary to get more than one estimate and not required by law. 

Yes, you can choose where to have your car repaired.  It is illegal for your insurance company to dictate which auto body shop you should use. 

No, your insurance company can inspect the damaged vehicle at the body shop where you want the vehicle repaired.  You are under no obligation to take it to their drive-in claims center for an estimate. 

Yes, we would be happy to help you.  It can be a difficult and confusing situation.  We work with insurance companies on a daily basis, so we are very familiar with the process.  We want to make your experience as hassle-free as possible. 

The vehicle may be washed immediately with a mild car soap.  It is ok to go through a car wash.  We recommend that you wait for 90 days after the repair before the first wax.  You can use the car wash wax, but no paste wax.  

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